STEM-Rebotz-Pogo - The Jammin, Jumping Robot

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In the world of the ReBotz, old tech and discarded junk are given new life - a cracked smartphone, a forgotten waffle iron, a beat-up skateboard and some old skis. This squad of four loveable robot pals springs into action from a heap of junkyard parts. Quickly piece together a motorized model of each ReBot from a set of easy-to-assemble parts. Then, switch them on and watch how each robot moves in a unique and wacky way. Collect all four kits and mix up the interchangeable parts to make rebooted robotic creations. These science-fiction models provide an opportunity for some real science lessons. Conduct experiments with the different simple machines and mechanisms that make the robots move, including cams, springs, sliders, cranks, motors, wheels, and levers. For ages 6 and up.

The Jumping Robot is made from the tracks of an old snowmobile, a waffle iron, and some rubber bands. It includes 12 pieces, an experiment manual and sticker sheet.

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