Rembrandt Pastels Half Stick Sets (10pcs) Highlights

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Rembrandt soft pastels are made from quality, finely ground pure pigments in an extra-fine Kaolin clay binder. They feature a velvety-smooth softness in every color. Whether you're sketching, experimenting with color or rendering fine artwork, this pastel set invites creativity with an array of highly blendable tones. This 10-piece set includes a curated selection of highlight colors: White .5 (100.5), Light Yellow .8 (201.8), Permanent Red .10 (372.10), Raw Sienna .10 (234.10), Light Oxide Red .10 (339.10), Madder Deep .9 (331.9), Violet .9 (536.9), Ultramarine Light .10 (505.10), Cinnabar Green Deep .10 (627.10) and Permanent Yellow Green .9 (633.9).

Highest degree of lightfastness, Optimal color strength with very high pigment concentration, Packaged with molded foam inserts to protect sticks from breakage, Cardboard boxed set comes with a molded foam insert that protects pastel sticks, Each color is made with unique pigmentation formulas

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