Escoda Ultimo Evolution Brush - Mop, Size 20, Short Handled

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Escoda Ultimo Evolution

Featuring a distinctive ferrule design, the Ultimo Evolution brush offers innovation to the brush industry. An intricate hole pattern within the ferrule allows more water to be absorbed and retained up to 50% moret han a Standard Ultimo round mop brush! With the same absorption as a natural squirrel hair, the Ultimo Evolution delivers on the artist desire for big washes and fine detail without losing the point. Thoughtfully created, the handle contains a flat side to prevent the brush from movement on surfaces.

This evolved brush combines the legacy of three generations into one perfect brush. The first generation established the foundations with the creation of the machine to realize the grooving of the ferrule. The second generation improved the technology by using its world-renowned triple groove process. And the third generation introduced an entirely new technology: the perforated ferrule. Only a brush with such a valuable history deserves to bear the name of the 1933 series.

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