Jim Carpenter - Basics of Cartooning Saturday, June 29 | 1-4:30 ($70)

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This class covers the basic methods and materials used by cartoonists. We will begin with a discussion/demonstration of pencils, pens, erasers, types of paper and drawing instruments, and we will move on to a few control exercises. 

Next we'll go over the "rules" of drawing the head and face and how those rules can be bent to create cartoons. We will do the same thing with the human figure and go over what shows emotion, age, gender, health and more. 

We will also address things like lines of action, and specifically different approaches to drawing hands and feet.  We'll also cover drawing backgrounds, animals, buildings and sound effects. We'll move on to perspective, contour and depth, enlargement and reduction; and we'll wrap up the class by getting acquainted with cinematic staging and other methods used in the creation of comics and graphic novels.

No. 2 pencil, kneaded rubber or plastic eraser, sketch pad, ruler, black felt-tip or plastic-tip pen, (Flair or something similar)  All materials are available at Reddi-Arts.

We will take a break midway through the class.  There isn't much in the way of convenience stores in the area, so bringing a snack and a drink is recommended.

Jim Carpenter is a published cartoonist with newspaper, magazine and corporate experience.


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