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The Art of Layering with Collage & Mixed Media - Joyce Gabiou - Cost: $65.00

The Art of Layering with Collage & Mixed Media
(not including materials)

Joyce Gabiou, award winning mixed media artist, brings you a collage class incorporating acrylic paints with papers, working in layers. Students will need a 12 x 12 canvas, matte medium or YES glue and paints, along with your painting supplies. Bring papers relating to a “story” you wish to tell and your imagination for a fun filled day.

In this class, you will create an abstract painting using acrylic paints and texture. You will work from an acrylic wash through dry brush techniques, completing a painting on watercolor paper or canvas.

We will complete a canvas or other substrate with many layers of paint, collage & de-collaging, with a theme of your choice. Start thinking about a story you want to tell and collect words & images from magazines, etc.

Materials List

140 Paper or canvas, no larger than 16 x 20
Collage materials such as; newspaper print, magazine pages, hand painted papers or rice papers
Acrylic paints of your choice, including titanium buff
Matte medium and heavier glue (YES glue or gel medium) for objects on watercolor paper
White tissue paper and several white kitchen trash bags.

To reserve your space - Call 904-398-3161 ext.319

Class participants receive a "SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT"
on all art supplies.