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Catherine Hillis -Two Day Workshop - "Watercolor Bootcamp”

Two Day Workshop, 10 am until 4 pm daily, Friday and Saturday.
Cost: $175.00 No refunds two weeks prior to workshop.
Suitable for beginners and intermediate beginners.
Students need to bring their own supplies.
Please bring your own photographs to paint from.

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Are you nervous about learning how to paint in watercolors?  Do you want to learn the basics?  Are you confused about how to begin in watercolor painting?


Instructor Catherine Hillis will guide students along their watercolor journey in a workshop filled with demonstrations and common-sense exercises.  You’ll be painting before the end of this workshop.  During the first day, Hillis will demonstrate the basic skills of watercolor painting and how to approach a simple still life.  On the second day of the workshop, students will draw a successful design from their own photographic resources, and create a completed watercolor painting.


The instructor specializes in painting reflections and light patterns and works with rich, saturated color. She’s an energetic, entertaining workshop instructor who has presented popular workshops in Italy; New Mexico; Georgia; North Carolina and throughout Virginia. She has earned eight national signature memberships and competes regularly in national watercolor and plein aire competitions. Her work is included in Plein Air Magazine; Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine; Watercolor Artist Magazine; and three North Light publication "SPLASH" books and she’s written for American Artist Magazine. You can watch her teach on (enter "watercolors" on the subject line).

To reserve your space - Call 904-398-3161 ext.319

Class participants receive a "SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT"
on all art supplies.

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Materials List

There is no substitute for good quality paper and paint. If you already own watercolor supplies, please bring what you have and purchase professional quality items as you progress. 

 Paper: Arches paper, 140 lb cold pressed.  Buy a block (at least 10 x 14) or a large sheet of paper (we’ll cut it in class).

 Accessories: water container, paper towels, pencil and kneaded eraser, a spray bottle for water, small ruler, sketch book.  Don’t forget the snacks!

 Palette:  I like the large Quiller Palette or the Robert E. Wood Palette with lid and with wells all around the palette.

 Brushes: Holbein Gold, Escoda or Princeton watercolor brushes:  a 1” or 2” very soft bristle flat for skies, several  medium rounds in size such as 4, 8, 10, a fine brush and a rigger.

 Tubes of watercolor paint:  Use professional grade paints such as Daniel Smith, Winsor-Newton, Holbein, etc.  Buy good quality paints and paper and your product will be first rate! If you already own watercolors, bring what you have and you can fill in later. Feel free to buy a professional pan set made by the brands named above; it’s easy to pack. It’s recommended that you NOT buy Cotman and Grumbacher paints, which contain a lot of fillers.

 BARE BONES COLORS (See my website for the full list) IN Bold:

My traditional paints are as follows:

Yellows:  Aureolin Yellow, Burnt Sienna , Quinacridone Gold, Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow.

Blues, Violets: Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Thalo Blue (I also love Peacock Blue – similar to Thalo).

Reds:  Quinacridone Rose, Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Green:  Viridian green, Perylene Green

Quinacridone Colors:  If you like bright and pure color, give any of these a try.

Neutral Tint:  This color can be mixed with anything to make gray or black.  I use it a lot.