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Pablo Rivera - Exploring Watercolors (3 hr sessions, 6 classes) Cost:$185.00 (not including materials)

Pablo Rivera - Exploring Watercolors
Wednesdays, February 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27 and April 3
1:00-4:00pm    Cost: $185.00 (not including materials)


Materials List

#4, #12 rounds and 1” flat wash from Simply Simmons or Holbein or Escoda

Professional level paints from Windsor/Newton or Holbein or Daniel Smith or M. Graham, no student grade paints please.
Cadmium yellow
Yellow ocher
Cadmium orange
Cadmium red
Alizarin crimson
Burnt sienna
Burnt umber
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt blue
Viridian green
…to start but you might want to add Cerulian blue, Rose madder, leaf green,raw sienna, Raw umber, Shade green.

Sheets or blocks of either Arches, Fabriano or Fluid 140 lb watercolor paper. 11”x 14”, 14”x 17” blocks or pads of the above paper are good but you may prefer to buy 22”x 30” sheets and cut them to size preferred.

Plastic multi well palettes that have at least 12 wells that close or have lids to keep paints moist and away from your clothes.

#2, Hb or 2b pencils and a kneaded eraser, a 12 oz or larger water container, Frog tape, rolls of Viva paper towels[preferred] and a sketch book.

To reserve your space - Call 904-398-3161 ext.319

Class participants receive a "SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT"
on all art supplies.