Reddi-Arts is more than just an art store……

We offer unusual and fun gifts for all age groups. Made in the USA and abroad, culturally diverse gifts representing many lands. We continue to travel and search for all kinds of things from different parts of the U.S. and the world.

Some of our gift items include: Chinese teapots, incense from Japan, wood pieces from Malaysia, scarves from France, handmade pottery pieces from Vermont artisans, crosses from Germany, Japanese dishware, calligraphy pieces from Israel.
acme pens

Carry and use

a work of art anywhere!

The world's most popular art and architectural forms are captured in rich lacquer over brass construction, on eye-catching rollerballs and fountain pens. From the beautiful to the whimsical, you simply cannot find pens with more flare or captivating designs. The design work of these pens inspired Ruth Shapiro, Merchandise Director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York to say that Acme is now the Swatche of the Pen Business.
Acme offers a vast selection of designs for everyone. Acme's rollerballs and fountain pens have always been great quality, beautifully designed and most unique. Choose the designer of your choice. Acme's Designer Series have always been well received as gifts.A limited production of these fountain pens and rollerballs are made which makes these pens collectable items as well as wonderful writing instruments.

lamp, glasses, book, incense

Create a warm environment to surround yourself with.

In this still life of items you will find:

• Individual pieces of Aspen wood which have been environmentally selected and painstakingly hand crafted on a lathe by B.W. Elkins to create vases and lamps from the Colorado Rockies. Each Spinning Aspen product tells a story. Growing tall and strong in the mountains, a colorful Aspen tree slowly matures. Its legacy is revealed in the form of beautiful warm colors, knots, insect marks and cracks.

• Wood photo frames from around the world.

• Hand tooled leather journals.

• Textured throws to wrap around you

• Incense to soothe and mellow the soul

• A butterfly to bring the outside in

• Hand made paper background with the look of suede

• Hand painted reading glasses

• A good book

 This is one recipe to bring you closer to earth.