Eve Albrecht - 5 Steps to Oil & Acrylic Painting - (bring lunch) Cost: $85.00 (not including materials)

Skill Level: Designed for beginners but open to all skill levels

Students will use a 5 step process with a limited palette to create paintings with harmony and unity. A Still life or landscape will be the subject, using your choice of slow drying acrylics (Open Acrylics) or oil (no watercolor). Focusing on design, drawing, value, color temperature, and mark making with the brush and palette knife and color vibration to create an 11 x 14 painting in this workshop.

To Reserve your Space Call 904-398-3161 ext.319

Class participants receive a "SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT"
on all art supplies.

Materials List:

 Either Gamblin oil paints or Gamblin 1980(student grade). 
Titanium white (largest  tube) prefer Gamblin brand not 1980

These can be Gamblin (1980 Gamblin or Holbein): 
Cadmium yellow light
Cadmium yellow medium
Yellow ochre
Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Siena

Optional Holbein Mineral Violet or Gamblin mag violet is cheaper. Great to mix neutrals.

Gamblin solvent free gel. 
Gamblin gel medium

Acrylic Painters- same colors as oil. 
Prefer Open Golden Acrylics with a gloss open medium. 

If  using other Golden paints or Liquitex
Must have large titanium white OPEN acrylics and Retarder if not using Open Paints. 

Three 11 x 14 canvases for classes

Brushes- long handle only! 
Prefer Robert Simmons filberts 4,6,8,10. Also  include a smaller synthetic round, such as a 2 or 4.

Sketch pad 11 x 14 or newsprint
Large sheet of tracing paper 

Drawing Materials: Pencils 2b, 6b, 8b and vine charcoal, blending stump (small), kneaded eraser. 

Palette- save the paint!-Masterson palette seal
Wet wipes
Paper towels
Containers for medium and water or Gamsol OMS (only) but not necessary. 
Bristle Magic brush cleaner for both acrylic and oil.