Davies Architectural Drafting-FSCJ


Davies Architectural Drafting-FSCJ

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360019 Davies Architectural Drafting-FSCJ
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260095 Scott B/2 Lead Holder              EA    $6.79       B/2               1
260013 Leads for Leadholder HB 3 pack EA  $3.95      5018/3-HB    1
260015 Leads for Leadholder H 3 pack   EA  $3.95       5018/3-H      1
260014 Leads for Leadholder F   3 pack  EA $3.95       5018/3-F      1
260024 Rotary Lead Pointer                    EA $10.75      ALP41           1
260003 Erasing Shield                             EA $1.25         3298            1
260026 Mini Drafting Brush                     EA $5.99        2340           1
260005 12" Architect Scale                      EA $5.15         110P            1
903116 Cthru 8" Adjustable Triangle        EA $10.75       AT8C          1
912029 Soft White Vinyl Eraser               EA $1.60         MS52650    1
913410 1/4" Home Furnishings Template EA $10.05      TD1155         1
260804 Combo Small Circle Template   EA $9.35        TD1200        1
262520 Architect & Builders Template   EA $10.35       TD1151          1
550112 Trace Roll 12"x20yd                     EA $8.05         340-114        1
908420 Drafting Tape 1/2"x60yd         EA $6.29           AA20151      1

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PXB36 24"x36" Alvin Portable Parallel Straightedge Board   
PXB 24"x36" Drawing Board below:Retail $160.00              Sale Price $ 99.00 

 PXB36 24"x36" Alvin Portable Parallel Straightedge Board    

 Professional-quality portable 24" x 36" drawing and drafting board with built-in parallel straightedge for all kinds of creative and technical applications. Perfect for students and those who need an accurate drawing surface but don’t have the space for a full-size drafting table. Fully assembled! Aluminum straightedge with soft, rubber edges for enhanced grip, comfort and control. Straightedge glides smoothly up and down the board while the cross-wire and pulley system underneath keeps it parallel in any position. Crystal clear acrylic blade is 0.12" thick and includes inking edges underneath to minimize smudging. Blade clearance is 3/16" for use with foam board, cutting mats, and more. Straightedge has brake mechanisms on each end for secure, positive locking in any location on the board. Large brake knobs include rubber grips for comfort. Straightedge has top-mounted adjustment knobs on each end for fine-tuning parallelism. Especially useful when reinserting a drawing on the board for additional work. Smooth, white Melamine surface for bump-free drawing. Particle board substrate is 0.63" thick for strength and durability. Folding metal legs are set at an angle to prevent accidental collapse and include rubber-dipped ends to prevent scratching. PXB36 has 5" legs. Boards can be used in the elevated or flat position. Rubber grip tracks underneath allow front of board to overhang a table edge up to 8". This increases the working angle and brings the drawing surface closer to the user. Compact, folding design for convenient transportation and storage. No assembly required. Ready to use. Drawing board is CARB compliant and all components are phthalate and lead-free.       




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